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Combat Dry Scalp With Davines Purifying Shampoo and Mask For Dry Scalp and Dandruff

Florida is a place of extremes: extreme heat, extreme humidity, and extremely harsh water. Many visitors and tourists from neighboring states have found that Florida’s water is especially harsh. That water in particular can wreak havoc on your hair and skin. Problems like dry skin, brittle hair and scalp can arise. Fortunately, there are easy solutions to these problems. You can combat dry scalp with Davines purifying shampoo and mask. First, it’s important to understand that the problem is coming from your water.

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The Best Foods For Hair Growth

Maybe she’s born with it, or maybe she has an amazing haircare routine. Some women are blessed with naturally healthy, thick and long hair. However, for most of us, we need to put in work to encourage hair growth. There are many products on the market that will help grow your hair – from multivitamins to hair masks. Hair growth products are fine, but the truth is, you can grow your hair without them. It starts with taking care of yourself and your health. Diet plays a major role in your hair’s health. Your hair is a part of your body.  Learn about the best foods for hair growth. After all, beauty begins from the inside out.

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What Is The Difference Between Highlights And Balayage? | Vinaccia Hair Goddess | Winter Park, FL

Highlights….Lowlights….Balayage…. Ombré …’s confusing to keep up with all of the latest trends in hair color. Perhaps you’ve been thinking of switching up your hairstyle or doing something different with color. Or maybe you’re just looking to keep up with “what’s hot” in beauty. We’re here to clarify the difference between highlights and Balayage.

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8 Red Flags That You Are At a Bad Hair Salon | Vinaccia Hair Goddess | Winter Park, FL

A bad haircut or color is your worst nightmare. Understandably, you are trying to avoid that at all costs. You care about your hair, which is why you are looking to make sure you choose the best hair salon in Winter Park, FL. Yet, would you be able to spot a bad hair salon if you saw one? Jenn Lenos, founder of Vinaccia Hair Goddess, shares some of her tips for spotting the red flags that you are at a bad hair salon.

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Your Guide to How to Protect Your Hair During the Summer | Summer Hair Tips | Vinaccia Hair Goddess | Winter Park Hairdresser

June is here, which means that it’s the official start of summer. Although, in Florida, it feels like summer for most of the year. The sun is very damaging to hair, especially color-treated hair. While you are at the beach or pool, or even taking a stroll through town, make sure your hair is protected from the sun, heat and humidity. Vinaccia Hair is sharing a few tips on how to protect your hair during the summer. Make sure your hair is beach-ready.

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Are Florida Hair Salons Reopening?

The state of Florida is in the process of opening public spaces. Are Florida Hair Salons Reopening? Are their restrictions? Find out what the new regulations are in place for the reopening of barbershops and hair salons in Florida.

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What Is The Olaplex No 7 Bonding Oil?

Jenn of Vinaccia Hair Goddess in Winter Park, FL uses Olaplex products on her clients with blonde and color-treated hair. The result is the healthiest hair they ever had. One of the newest products to the Olaplex line is the No. 7 Bonding Oil. What is the Olaplex No 7 Bonding Oil? Find out about hair oils and how they can change your hair game.

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