2023 Winter Hairstyle Trends For Women

2023 Winter Hairstyle Trends For Women 2023 Winter hairstyle trends for women. As we approach the winter of 2023, one might assume that hair trends will take a back seat to the warmth of cozy hats and hooded attire. However, the 2023 Winter hairstyle trends for women are simply too spectacular to be concealed beneath […]

New hair repair treatment you can’t live without K18!

New Hair Repair treatment K18

New hair repair treatment you can’t live without K18! New hair repair treatment you can’t live without K18! Let me tell you an Olaplex story. Olaplex 3 was my go-to product for hair repair here at Vinaccia Hair Studio and I recommended it to all my guests. I was super hesitant to believe the hype […]

Why Does My Hair Get Oily So Fast?

Oily and greasy strands are a hassle to deal with. Not only does it feel icky and unhygienic, but it also weighs hair down and makes it difficult to style it properly. Even when you do try to style it, oily hair will never allow it to last very long. This is a common complaint […]

5 Things To Consider Before Going Blonde

5 Things To Consider Before Going Blonde So you’re thinking about going blonde. It’s easily one of the most dynamic hair colors out there. It can be iconic, glamourous, and classic (think Marilyn!). We can see why you are looking into trying out blonde tresses. However, behind every famous blonde is an incredibly talented colorist, […]

Trending Hair Colors For 2022

2022 has been shaping up to be a new and exciting year for fashion and beauty. People were also eager to visit the salon after the lockdown lifted. We also have more reasons to update our looks. 2022 has been revealing a lot of exciting new trends- from bold shadings to new trims. As for […]

Hair Tips For Fine Hair

Hair Tips For Fine Hair Ultrafine hair can have its benefits. However, you may find that you have dealt with limp strands, bangs that stick to your forehead, and greasy strands. If this sounds familiar, we are going to show you how to embrace your hair texture and work with it. With this guide full […]

Do You Need A Hairstylist That Works On A Monday?

Why do hair salons close on Mondays? If Sunday and Monday are your only day off you might find it very challenging to get a hair appointment on a Monday. You might have noticed that a few businesses like salons actually close on Monday. Sunday and Monday are considered the “hairstylist weekend”. If you find […]

Vinaccia Hair Goddess is Fully Vaccinated and Following COVID Guidelines

Vinaccia Hair Goddess has recently had several clients reach out about masks, COVID guidelines, and whether Jenn Lenos is vaccinated. At Vinaccia Hair Goddess, we take health, safety, and sanitation very seriously. The salon is following COVID guidelines for Orlando hair salons. See below for salon guidelines and our plans for how we are handling […]

What is The Difference Between Dry Scalp and Dandruff?

Even in Florida, it is possible to get dandruff or dry scalp. It can be easy to confuse the two, as they both have the same symptoms. People with dry, flaky scalp may immediately assume they have dandruff. However, what is the difference between dry scalp and dandruff? This is an often-debated question among our […]

Best Hairdryers For Your Hair

Best Hairdryers For Your Hair Everything that you put on your hair matters. Even the tools that you are using. Believe it or not there is a science that goes into hair, especially when it comes to the products that you’re using. Many people buy hairdryers without really reaching the features and benefits of it, […]