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Your FIRST time with me...

I can’t wait to meet you! Your experience starts when you book a service from my New Client Service Menu below. I’ll be notified of your appointment request and will send you a welcome message.

Please click on the New Client Welcome Page button below.There’s important information you’ll need to ensure your first time with me goes smoothly.

The day of your appointment we will have an in-depth consultation. Together we will create a plan for that day and the future to ensure all your hair goals are met!

If you’re here for color, your formula will be custom blended by me. Your Formula will then be recorded so that it will be ready and waiting for you upon each visit.

I’ve got Wi-Fi, wine, sparkling water, delicious seasonal beverages, snacks, phone chargers, and more to keep you comfortable as your color processes.

We will finish our service by styling, and if we have time, an Instagram photo shoot. Styling tips and tricks are shared throughout the service as I’m big on educating my clients. I will also recommend hair care products so you can recreate and maintain your look at home.

Before you leave, we will set you up for your next maintenance appointment so you can maintain your new look.

Together, we will create the perfect look for your face shape, skin tone, and lifestyle! 

New Guest Service Menu

As a new client, we’ll require extra time for a thorough consultation. We’ll also need proper time to create the looks you see on my Instagram page! 

Your first time you’ll be choosing a service from my New Guest Service Menu so we have extra time to consult. But your follow-up maintenance services will be at my regular client menu prices.

Maintenance appointment pricing applies to clients who receive services every 1-5 months. For clients wishing to go 6 months or longer, no problem! But you will need to select a service from the New Guest Service Menu options when re-booking. This will ensure we have ample time to reconnect and revamp your look.

Pricing in the New Client Service Menu is broken down into different time blocks. This helps to eliminate the confusion of figuring out what service to book. 

The more time booked the more we can achieve in one session, as long as optimal color conditions apply.

After reviewing the menu below click the “Book Now” button to go to my booking page. If you’re unsure of what services to book, fill out the Request Phone Consultation form below. I will be notified of you request and will contact you for an over the phone consultation. If you still feel unsure, you are welcome to book an in-person consultation as well.

*All Prices are starting prices and are subject to change*

New Client Haircut

Blow-Dry Style Included

A new client haircut usually takes an extra 15-20 minutes longer than a client that I’m familiar with. So if you’re new, please book this option so we’ll have plenty of time for paperwork, consultation, design, cut and blow dry. Bring several pictures of the cut you want with several views (front, back, side views). Arrive with clean hair as your hair will be cut dry before I the shampoo with some refinement after.

1.5 hour service starting at $80.

New Client Haircut

Add On to Color/Blonding Services

This service is the same as the “New Client Haircut”. Time and price are adjusted to account for the blow-dry, which is already included in the New Client service packages.

1 hour service starting at $50+. 

Beautiful Color

Blow-Dry Style Included

Color Melt, Color Glaze, Permenent Color, Low LIghts.

This Package is ideal for clients seeking full color service, especially when going darker, needing a Half or Whole head of low-lights to blend or permanent color for covering gray. Includes an after Color Treatment and Blow Dry Styling. Does NOT involve lightener/bleach. If you need to lighten your already colored hair then proceed to the “Blonde” options.

3 hr service starting at $135 up to 180. 


Blow-Dry Style Included

Half Head Highlights, Baby-Lights or Balayage.

This block of time is best for you if you’re looking to start your journey of going lighter or are currently light and want to fine tune your blond by also adding low-lights to the service. Since most looks require multiple sessions, I will almost always point you in this direction first. 

3.5+ Hour Service Starting at $200 up to 240+


Blow-Dry Style Included

Full Head Highlights, Baby-Lights or Balayage.

This block of time is best for you if you’re looking to  going lighter throughout your whole head or are currently light and want to fine tune your blond by also adding low-lights to the service. Half Head Highlights, Baby-Lights or Balayage. If you have any previous dark color and you want to go lighter, you will need to start here.   

4-4.5 Hour Service Starting at $230-260+

Bombshell Blonding

Blow-Dry Style Included

This service is best if you’re wanting:

  • to add a substantial amount of blonde
  • “all light ends with very little dimension” look
  • looking to get both highlighting and low lighting
  • getting rid of excessive warmth/brassiness
  • need to blend splotchy/chunky highlights
  • haven’t had your hair colored in 5 months or longer

As long as optimal color conditions are present, this option can achieve the most dimension and lift possible in one session. 

5+ hours Starting at $300+.

Color + Blonding

Blow-Dry Style Included

Base Color + Blonding. When you need to lighten your base color or cover gray and have lighter, brighter pieces throughout – choose this option.  Color is applied on the scalp and highlights are placed strategically for dimension and brightness.  I will finish the look with a toning gloss to bring it all together. Please note not as much lightness is added as a Signature Blonding Service.

3.5 – 4.5 Hours Starting at $240 – $300.

Transformative Color

Blow-Dry Style Included

In person consultation highly recommended. Largest time slot and is dedicated to intricate color techniques. This time block is for people that want to get a serious makeover! A serious makeover would be categorized as someone wanting Fantasy Colors, to go significantly lighter or ashier, require base coverage+highlights+lowlights, have multiple bands of color, or where extreme caution needs to be taken to avoid breakage when going significantly lighter and there are damage issues present. This service includes all treatments necessary.

5+ hours Starting at $400+.

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