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Thank you for choosing Vinaccia Hair!

Vinaccia Hair offers professional hair color services and more in Winter Park, FL. If it’s your first time with me and you’d like to book an appointment, start by filling out the New Client Appointment Request Form below.

Once I receive your request, I’ll email you with appointment possibilities within 48 hours Monday – Friday, if you don’t see my reply make to check your spam folder as it sometimes ends up there. When your appointment is set you’ll receive a text and email confirmation with an appointment reminder 3 days before.  

I do not offer intense Blonding services such as Double Process blonde (on-the-scalp bleach and tone), looks that require a ton of foils (platinum card), or whole head fantasy colors/silver (though I will do Peek-A-Boos!). 

My blonding style is more natural, lower maintenance, and dimensional aka “Lived-In” Blonde. That means more of your natural hair color is visible and used for depth. Clients usually touch up this type of highlighting every 10 to 16 weeks, or even longer.

If you usually need to come every 6 weeks and want more of a solid blonding then I’m probably not the girl for you.

To get a feel for the type of color I enjoy and excel at visit my MEET JENN PAGE and PORTFOLIO PAGE. If you see something you like, save it to show me. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, it’s probably not something I specialize in.

The starting price is based on optimal conditions, there will be additional charges IF:

  • your hair is super long, past your mid-back and you want it to stay that way
  • you have extra thick hair (more hair strands per sq. inch on your head than most)
  • your hair texture is coarse. (each hair strand is thicker than normal making it more resistant to color covering grays or lifting so you will take longer. )
  • your natural hair color is dark brown/black hair or has been colored in the last two years 

If any or all of these conditions apply you will require more product and could take longer to process so the price will be higher. 

Example: You have long, thick, naturally dark brown hair and you want light blond highlights.  You’ll require extra color & lightener + extra time processing to lift to light blond.  Most likely will be an additional $75 to $100 added to the base price listed below.

Beautiful Color

Includes a Blow-Dry Style

Color Gloss For Incredible Shine and Toning $80+
Great for when your natural hair color or highlights have gotten dull or brassy. Perfect when your hair needs a little something extra but with minimal commitment.

Demi-Permanent Color Glaze/Color Melt $100+
Great for blending gray. A Glaze has more color pigments and is longer living than a Gloss service. Enhances but does not lift natural color.

Permanent Color $120+
Cover your gray 100%, slightly lighten your natural hair color, or create/increase vibrancy (reds/coppers). Warning: Lifting your natural hair color with a single process hair color will reveal warmth. If you want to lift your natural color with minimal warmth then you’ll have to move on to “Blonding”.

“High-Lift” Color $135+
Single-process hair color that will lift your natural hair color lighter than regular permanent hair color. Ideal if you are naturally blonde. Not recommended if you are naturally a brunette.Warning: Results will be warmer than using Lightener.

Low-Lights Only for Gray Blending $125- $160+
When you want more time between color touch-ups and you are ok with some gray showing. Your natural color or slightly lighter is woven and foiled throughout the hair. Includes a gloss to add shine and tone down the gray that’s left out.

Beautiful Color services are for Toning, Color Melting, Gray Blending, Gray Covering, increasing Vibrancy, or slightly lightening your natural.

Add a Haircut with your Color Service for $40


Services that require Lightener "Hi-lights, Foiliage"

Includes Toning Gloss, Trim, and Blow-Dry Style

Price is based on Guests who have been receiving hi-lights every 6-10 weeks, if it's been longer you will require more lightener so the price will be higher.

Mini  $160+
Framing the face or as Peek-A-Boos   1.5+ Hours

Quarter  $200+ | Half Head $240+ 
Foils are placed in the partings of the hair and Framing the face, with a Half also a few at the bottom to break up the darkness when you put your hair up. Great to rotate with a full head.  2+hrs+  | 3+ hrs

Full   $265+ |  Heavy Full $340
Whole Head of Hilights placed throughout all layers of hair, great for all-over lightness. Longest service – be prepared to be here for 3.5 hrs+

Add Low-lights with Blonding $20 – $60
Need to add some depth or dimension to make your grow-out easier? Low lights are the answer! Color, slightly lighter than your natural hair color, is weaved strategically between foils to break up the solid blond or to blend gray.

To get the “all your ends blond look” when you currently have no blond ends you will need to book 2 or more separate services to achieve.

Blonding is an aggressive service, there will be some damage no matter how careful I am so to keep your hair in its best shape a trim and Olaplex treatment is included.

Add $40 for each additional 30 min it takes to complete the service

Color + Blonding

"Base Color with Highlights for Contrast"

Includes Toning Gloss, Cut, and Blow-dry Style

Price is based on Guests who have been covering their grays or coloring their base every 6-8 weeks. If it's been longer the color will have to be done before the hi-lights so price will be $40+ higher.

Color + Mini                  $200+  

Color + Quarter           $225+ 

Color + Half Head       $245+

Color + Whole Head    $265+ 

Enhance your natural hair color or cover gray with Hair Color while adding lighter, brighter pieces for contrast with hi-lights. Not as many hilights are placed as a regular “Blonding only” service. Includes a gloss, for incredible shine, to enhance color or reduce unwanted tones. 

*Because of the aggressive nature of color with highlights these services also include an Olaplex Repair treatment and a Trim.

Add $40 for each additional 30 minutes required to complete this service

While You Process...

Services to add on to your Color/Blonding Services

Eyebrows and Eyelash Services

Eyebrow Wax and Shaping   $20  Whole Face $25
Eyebrow Tint    $12
Eyelash Tint Good-Bye Mascara!  $15

High-Quality Hair Treatments

K-18 Repair $10
Olaplex No. 2 or No. 8 $15 / Intense No. 1 & No. 2 $25
Highlight Brightener (Old Toner Cleanse) $25
Color Pigment Reducer or Chlorine+Mineral Remover   $50

Peter Coppola Smoothing Treatment $150 – $350+
Reduce frizz while adding shine & strength to the hair. Results last 3 – 4 months.

Facial Treatment Package $55

Step 1 – Red + Near Infrared Light Therapy ($20 for Step 1)
Low-wavelength red light improves your skin’s appearance, such as reducing wrinkles, scars, redness, and acne. Boost Collagen production, Thyroid and reduce Season Affective Disorder.

Step 2 – Eminence Organics Mini Facial ($40 just for Step 2)
Nourish and treat your skin! Concentrated amounts of vitamins and nutrients reveal a radiant, youthful glow. Skin is first cleansed followed by your choice between exfoliation or a skin-specific mask. After a serum is applied, finished with an SPF Moisturizer.  Max results if your face is treated with Red Light Therapy first!

Ready for the best hair of your life?

**As a colorist I am not taking on any new "Haircut only" clients unless you are VERY flexible with your scheduling**


First Appointment  10:00 AM – Last Appointment 5 PM

At this time I’m not accepting any new “Saturday or Haircut only clients” 

I'm usually booked out 2-3 weeks from today's date. If you need an appointment sooner I will put you on my waitlist to be called if I get a cancellation but there is no guarantee

New Client Appointment Request Form

Fill out the form below and I will email appointment options to you within 48 hours Monday – Friday.

At this time I’m not taking on NEW Haircut or Saturday “only” clients.

I have some immunocompromised clients and take Covid seriously.  If you are uncomfortable with wearing a mask during your visit I kindly ask you to please not book with me at this time but check back in 60 days.