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If it’s your first time with me, or you’re a client that I haven’t seen in 8 months or more, please look over my service options first then fill out the New Client Appointment Request form below with my service descriptions to request an appointment. I will email you with appointment possibilities within 24 hours Monday – Friday. Vinaccia Hair offers professional hair color services in Winter Park, FL

Once your appointment is set, you will receive a text confirmation with appointment reminders soon after.  

I’m a Hair Colorist that specializes in Color with soft lighter pieces throughout for a multifaceted look, especially on Brunettes and Red heads. I also offer dimensional blonding for clients that want a more low-maintenance, natura look with a bit of contrast.

I am not a Blonde specialist and I do not offer intense blonding services such as on-the-scalp bleach and tone, Heavy Highlighting (Platinum Card), Silver or Fantasy hair color services.

To get a feel for the type of work I do please visit my portfolio page.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for it’s probably not something I offer.

Some things to keep in mind with pricing:  

The base price is based on optimal conditions, there will be additional charges if your hair is:

  • past your bra strap and you want it to stay that way
  • you have extra thick hair (more hair strands on you head than most)
  • coarse hair (each hair strand is thicker than most)
  • medium to dark brown hair or your hair has been colored in the last two years and you want highlights lifted to a light blond.
  • you have curly hair that you want blown straight 

Example Fees:
$15-20 for Extra Color
$15-30 for Extra Lightener
$30-45 for Extra Processing Time
$15-20 for Extra Blow-Dry Time

If you have hair long, thick, dark hair and want light blond highlights – Extra lightener, Extra Color (Toner), Extra Processing, Extra Blow-Dry time add $75 to $105 to the base price.

If any or all of these conditions apply you will require more product and/or processing time so please check the boxes when you fill out the form so I can make sure to give you a more accurate price quote and book enough time for your service.

Beautiful Color

with Blow-Dry Style

Color Gloss For Incredible Shine and Toning $70+

Demi-Permanent Color Melt/ Color Glaze $100+
(Blends Gray, more pigments and longer living then Gloss, enhances but does not lift natural color)

Permanent Color $120+
(When you want to cover your gray 100% of slightly lift your natural haircolor, great for creating reds or lighter browns will reveal warmth)

High-Lift Color $130
(Ammonia color that will lift your natural more than regular haircolor but reveals more warmth than lightener)

Multi-Dimensional Color $180+
(Color with slightly lighter pieces placed throughout)

Low-Lights For Gray Blending $120-$160+

Color services are for Toning, Color Melt, Gray Blending, Gray Covering with color. 

Color Correction $80/Hour Pre-Consultation Required

Services Do Not Include Lightener – if you’ve previously colored your hair in the last 2 years and you want it lighter you’ll need to move to either Dimensional Blonding or Blonding + Color options as Color will not lighten already colored hair.

Dimensional Blonde


with Blow-Dry Style

Highlights / Natural Looking Balayage.

Mini  $130+ 
(Pop of color, Face Framing)

Partial $150+
(Framing face and across part)

Half Head $180+
Whole Head  $220+

Add Low-lights $20 – $40

When you want dimension and contrast but also want an easier grow out.  

To get to the all ends blond look when you currently have no blond ends could take 2 or more separate services.

Dimensional Blonding foils are placed for lived-in, dimensional look, more of your natural hair color is visible for depth and contrast. Low-Maintenace.  Includes a sheer, toning gloss for incredible shine to enhance color or cancel unwanted tones.  

Color + Dimensional Blonding

"Base Color with Highlights for Contrast"

Blow-Dry Style with

Color + Mini $175+
(Base Color + Pop of color/ Face Framing highlights)

Color + Partial $195+
(Base color + Face Framing and Across Part)

Color + Half Head $225+
Color + Whole Head $265

When you want to enhance your natural  hair color or cover gray but also want some lighter, brighter pieces throughout for contrast or dimension.  Highlights are placed strategically then Color is placed in between foils for dimension and brightness. Includes a sheer toning gloss for incredible shine to bring it all together. 

If It’s been more than 2 months since your last color touch-up then you may require the color and highlights processed separately or 2 different strengths of lightener might be needed so add $20 – 45 to the base price. 

Less Highlights are added in this service than a regular “Blonding” only Service.

Other Services

Haircut Trim with Blow-Dry $75+
Haircut Change with Blow-Dry $85+

Trim with Your Blonding or Color service    $40+
Flat Iron or Curling Style $30+

Eyebrow Wax   $20
Eyebrow Tint    $10

In Salon Hair Treatments
Moisture/Repair/Olaplex  $15-$25
Highlight Brightener $25
Color Pigment Reducer   $45
Hair Chlorine/Mineral Detox $45

Ready for the best hair of your life?

**As a colorist I am not taking on any new "Haircut only" clients unless you are VERY flexible with your scheduling**

TUES      10AM – 4PM
WED       10AM – 4PM
THURS   10AM – 4PM
FRI          10AM – 4PM

At this time my first available appointment for a weekday isn't till the week of 4.27.21 and for a Saturday Appointment is 5.15.21 though you can be added to my waitlist to be first called if I get a cancellation.

New Client Appointment Request Form

**New Haircut Clients are only accepted if you have a flexible schedule and future appointments will not be pre-booked**